Your Wallet Gets Stolen: Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

It would be a distressing experience when you come to know that all your valuables along with your money have been lost with your wallet. If you have anytime lost of your wallet, then you may know the bad days through which you may have passed. It may give you a big headache when you come to know that your credit and debit cards are being used for illegal purposes by the person who has stolen them with your wallet. Today, identity theft is becoming a serious issue that needs more attention than anything. Being vigilant about your wallet and checking your bank records regularly are required to prevent and detect identity theft. But even if your wallet has been stolen after so much care, there are some important things that have to be done immediately to prevent your personal details from being misused and your bank accounts from being robbed. If you wish to keep control of this big issue, then here are some things that you have to follow after the stealing of your wallet.

The first emotion that will come to you when you find your wallet to be lost is of course panic. The very thought of your critical personal data being misused by an unauthorized person will surely make you panic. But panicking may lose the control of your mind. Therefore, relax and think what you can do immediately to prevent your bank account from being used by a thief. The first thing you should do is to call the police soon after detecting identity theft. You should file a report to prevent the wrong use of your personal data by someone else.

Along with informing the police, you should also inform the theft to the Social Security Department. You should alert them that you have lost your social security number that can be misused by someone. The next thing is blocking your bank accounts. If you have lost your debit card, anyone can easily make purchase from it. You should thus immediately call the bank that issued that card to you and cancel its transaction. They can also provide you with a new one. This way, you can stop your hard earned money by being used by others.


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