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Do you know your credit score? If you’re looking to finance a home, car, or any other expense, your credit is the deciding factor in whether or not you get the funding you need – as well as determine the loan interest rate. Your credit score is a very important number. But unlike your annual credit reports, you have to pay a fee to see your credit SCORES.

But not to worry. By using the offers below, you can see one or all of your 3 credit scores for FREE! Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion scores. There’s no initial cost to you and, in most cases, you can view both your report AND score. There’s no long forms to fill out either. Just provide a few basic pieces of information and you’ll have access to your credit score in a few moments. View Your 3 Credit Scores For FREE Right Now!

Name Rating Credit Scores You’ll See Credit Bureaus Monitored Trial Period Benefits

See Offer
1 Credit Score 1 Credit Bureau No Limit Free Credit Score. No Credit Card Required. Free Credit Monitoring.

See Offer
1 Credit Score TransUnion
7-day Free Credit Score and 3 Bureau Monitoring.
See Offer 1 Credit Score TransUnion
7-day Free Credit Score and 3 Bureau Monitoring.

Monitoring your credit is highly important

These days, your credit score is the single biggest factor in getting a loan, credit card, home financing, and more. Furthermore, potential landlords and employers will also check your score to see how trustworthy and reliable you are when it comes to paying your debts and bills in a timely manner. Bad credit can keep you from getting a loan, job, or even a place to live. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your 3 credit scores for free from the major credit reporting agencies.

Even if you believe yourself to have good credit, identity theft is running rampant in this day and age. It is important to check your 3 credit scores from time to time to make sure nobody is illegally using your identity to tarnish your good credit. The sooner you can catch potential fraud in your credit report, the easier it is to correct and fix.

Why are these free credit score offers so popular?

Once every year, you may request a free credit report from the US government. It is your right as a citizen to have yearly free access to your credit report. However, the government doesn’t provide your credit score, only a quick summary of what is contained in your report. This is definitely a problem because your score is what most lenders are looking at. It’s the single number that pretty much determines whether or not you will be able to secure that loan or sign that lease.

These credit score offers above are popular with consumers because they provide not only your credit report, but also your score. Sure, you could spend your time going to each of the credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) one by one and filling out their long applications and paying their fees – or you could simply take advantage of the companies listed above to get access to your 3 credit scores instantly, easily, and for free.

Why do these companies give this information out for free?

These credit offer companies provide their services and let you view your credit score for free so that you can check out their premium services prior to buying potential credit monitoring/identity theft prevention services from them. Of course, buying these additional services is highly recommended to ensure your credit report is clean of fraud, but it is not necessary to view your 3 credit scores. Any of the companies above will allow you to view your credit score free and without hassle.

Which offer is the best?

There really is no “best”. It simply varies by your needs. Some credit offers will allow you to view reports from all 3 agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) while some are only able to provide your score from 1 agency. Some offer additional credit monitoring services, and some may even provide identity theft protection. If you still can’t make a choice after reviewing our comparison chart above, our reviews should help you decide which offer to go with:

If you have any additional questions about your credit report or score, our FAQ below should help to answer all your questions.

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